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June Promo #1
Posted on 1:36 pm 06/08/2018
We are pleased to announce:
1. Our Alexa Ranks has been increased greatly to 679,386
2. Total members now is more than 1,700 peoples

To celebrate it there will be bonus for members who purchased on any upgrades or advertising products.
For any purchase you have made we will give 200,000 banner credits as bonus.

*We only count purchases from 8th to 30th June 2018
*This bonus is one time only
*This bonus is available until 30th June 2018

Thank you
Last edited by admin on 1:37 pm 06/08/2018
Re: June Promo #2
Posted on 6:30 pm 06/09/2018
Added bonus 200,000 banner credits to Dorian