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Happy New Year #1
Posted on 1:28 am 01/03/2019
Im sorry for my absence and resulted alot of pending payments and updates, here are the list what we gonna do started now:

1. We will process all payment start today.
2. We will credit back Paypal fee for Payment to Paypal requested on December 2018 so dont forget to post it on payment proof section.
3. Updates on Referrals Earning from Offerwall will be delayed because of the updates still not completed yet.
4. PtcWall had issue no credits receive, so dont work on PtcWall for now, we will fix it Asap.
5. Offerwall rates will be reduce again to 70% tommorow until we start to apply Referrals earning from Offerwall.

If you had issue to report please post it on related section.
Happy New Year everyone.
We still paying and wanna be a good earning site.
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Re: Happy New Year #2
Posted on 12:18 am 02/25/2019
Ať dlouho žiješ!!!!